Lazy Doll The Aunt Sally Practice Aid

Lazy Doll:

Need to practice on your own?but get fed up with sticking up all the time?

Then you could do with Lazy Doll!

Lazy Doll is a simple to use practice aid which automatically resets the doll on the swivel. you can still see the doll has been hit the swivel resets as well so its a great practice aid. Ideal for your own garden, Pubs and Clubs or a temporary placement like a show or village fête.


The result of 3 years extensive testing and modification the Lazy Doll is:-

  • easy to use
  • regulation size
  • automatic
  • easy to setup
  • portable

Available to order for a one-off price of £95 (inc VAT) and orders usually completed in a week.

Also available on Ebay© get it now.

Discount pricing available for bulk orders.

Watch the Lazy Doll in action here

Watch the Lazy Doll in action here:-